Monica Dragosz
M.A. Psych, Registered Social Worker

Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Over the past seventeen years, I have worked in a number of traditional or mainstream mental health settings, including hospitals, government organizations, and non-profit agencies. Pursuing certification as a yoga instructor opened me up to various new experiences and explorations of other healing practices, including spirituality, meditation, and movement.

I discovered how deep we are beneath the surface matter of our lives, and how important having a strong connection to our body -the carrier of all our experiences- is to our health and well-being.

After obtaining a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology, my personal and professional explorations further led me to healing modalities that emphasize body awareness and the ability to access states of mind outside of everyday thinking patterns. This has included shamanic healing practices and their overlap with traditional psychotherapy. The result is that I offer an integrative, deep, and wholistic counselling approach that aims to uncover the healthy self that I believe is already present in each individual. I draw heavily from Hakomi Therapy and Re-Creation of the Self Therapy, both of which provide a here-and-now blueprint for the exploration of our deepest experiences, and point the way to possibilities for the unfolding and expansion of the True Self.

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Monica Dargosz