Sachi Aida
Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist Registered Yoga Teacher
Mindfulness / Meditation Guide

Originally from Japan, and a permanent resident of the Bow Valley since 2004, you'll find Sachi always smiling big in the mountains. She can be found either climbing, skiing, backpacking, practising yoga and meditation, or cooking some simple and healthy recipes in the kitchen. She always embodies an endless passion and energy as she maintains her simple, active, healthy life style, and now she's stepping forward to share her energy and inspire others. Having recently completed the intense study and practicum session, Sachi is now certified and registered as a Reflexologist.  

Are you looking for a natural and effective way to release  your chronic pain, anxiety or stress? Did you know we can access entire body / organs / glands from your feet using Reflexology? Sachi's unique background as a yoga teacher, meditation practitioner, energy worker, student of aromatherapy enhances here ability to offer foot Reflexology session in various ways.   

Allow your body and spirit to heal naturally while totally relaxed in a peaceful, beautiful environment in the heart of Canmore.

For more information and/or to book, please call or email Sachi
403 688 3225

Sachi Aida

Sachi Aida