Biologic Dentistry

Of utmost significance in maintaining general health is the maintenance of good oral health. Long held problems in the mouth can often (and usually do) result in chronic and seemingly intractible health issues (and vice vera). Accordingly, the CHWC maintains a trusted working relationship with an experienced expert in the field, Dr Cryderman and his team to whom we refer those patients who present with oral issues suspected of compromising their health.

We use the QXCI at the CHWC to bioelectrically assess the condition of the mouth as a precusor of whole body health. The QXCI can often pick up issues well before more physical methods of examination and X-rays. Ffocal blocks to wellness (such as mercury fillings, cavitations, root canals etc. may be bioelectrically identified and should you choose to explore biologic dentistry as a treatment option the results are then shared with Dr Cryderman

Dr Cryderman's main office is in Calgary:
102 - 111 7th  Street SW Calgary, AB Tel: 403-229-0510
CLICK HERE FOR   Dr Cryderman's website
We offer a web based consultaion with Dr Cryderman from the CHWC for the convenience of our client here in Canmore and Banff to save a journey into Calgary. There is a $50 charge for this service.


Dr Cryderman