Heart Healthy Treatments to Optimize Cardiovascular Health

Sauna Sessions


For February, enjoy our far infrared sauna, complete with a private shower stocked with Rocky Mountain Soap Company products! 

Far infrared saunas are used across the world for their cardiovascular benefits. Conveniently located in downtown Canmore, it's easy to take care of your heart health and drop in for a relaxing sauna!

1.5 Hour private session $25

Package of 4 Private Sessions $80

*All sauna sessions include a fresh-pressed juice from Toniq

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IV Vitamin Infusions for a Healthy Heart


Enjoy our cozy IV Lounge as you experience the benefits of IV Vitamin infusions. Our naturopathic doctor will set you up with heart healthy vitamins and minerals  dripped directly into your veins.

*Costs vary depending on IV ingredients

*All IV Infusions include a fresh-pressed juice from Toniq

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Healthy Heart, Healthy Life!


Book a private consultation with our naturopathic doctor, Dr. Dawne, to learn how to optimize your heart health now and for the rest of your life. 

She will build a sustainable heart health plan that will include: a specific exercise plan, dietary guidelines (including recipes), targeted supplementation, and stress management techniques that will make this a lifestyle change you can maintain. 

Thinking of "going Keto?" Dr. Dawne uses research-based clinical nutrition to get you the maximum results and cardiovascular health benefits with this popular lifestyle.


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Heart Healthy Treatments to Your Optimize Cardiovascular Health

IV Vitamin Infusions for Energy and Cardiovascular Health


Commit to 4 IV Vitamin Infusion sessions and discover the powerful results you can achieve with High Dose Vitamin Therapy.


4 Energizer IV Infusions (with glutathione) $600

(save $120!)

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Lab Testing - Individualized Medicine


Find out where your current nutrition is lacking so you can stop guessing about what you should take.

Vitamin D Spot 


Fatty Acid Profile


Nutrigenomix $449

(discover 45 genes that determine your metabolic and cardiovascular health...and how to use the information to build a heart-healthy lifestyle)

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Infrared Sauna + IV Vitamin Infusions


Get a heart-healthy re-set. Book in for a far infrared sauna session, followed by a replenishing, energizing IV Vitamin Infusion.

3 Sauna Sessions + 3 IV Infusions


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