IV Vitamin Therapy with Dr. Dawne

IV Vitamin Drips allow for optimal absorption of critical nutrients. Try it out  for yourself!

High-potency vitamin therapy is administered directly into your vein, optimizing absorption and getting you results fast.  IV Therapy is covered by extended health benefits and can be direct billed - you simply pay the $30 supply fee (included in the prices below).

Glutathione Push $60

Glutathione is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the body. Boost your immunity and reduce recovery time with this quick and affordable boost.

Energizer $140

Enjoy the benefits of a high-potency Meyer's Cocktail designed to boost energy levels at the cellular level. Vitamin C, B vitamins, and minerals replenish energy stores and support energy creation.

Immune Builder $125

High-potency Vitamin C, vitamins and minerals optimize your immune function so you can resist cold and flu season!

Recovery $175

Recover faster from your sport(s) and reduce down time so you can get back out there! (Includes a glutathione push).

Detox/Hangover Helper $150

This formula supports your body's ability to detoxify and rehydrates you so you and keep up to your busy life...work or play

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IV Vitamin Therapy Boosters - Added to your IV Drip

B12 Booster $20

Add Methyl B-12 to your IV to improve energy, mental acuity, and reduce the symptoms of anxiety

Glutathione Push $30

Substantially increase immunity and reduce recovery time by adding this potent antioxidant at the end of your IV Drip.

What if I'm not a patient of Dr. Dawne?

No problem! New patients who are only interested  in IV Vitamin Therapy pay a one-time $45 intake fee (covered by benefits plans) on their first IV visit only. Follow up visits have no additional charge.

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