IV Vitamin Infusions with Dr. Dawne


High-potency vitamins are administered directly into your vein, optimizing absorption and getting you results fast.  

Is this your first visit with Dr. Dawne? No problem! In  your  first  visit  she  will  assess  whether  or  not  IV  Vitamin  Infusions  are  appropriate  for  you.  She will do a targeted physical exam, discuss your medical history and any current health concerns on your first visit. With  that  information  she  may  recommend  the  IV  Vitamin  Infusion  that  will  best  suit  your  medical  needs.  There will be a one-time $45 visit fee that is covered by health benefits.

IV Therapy is covered by extended health benefits and can be direct billed - you pay a $30 supply fee for regular IVs, and $15 for glutathione pushes (included in the prices below)

Glutathione Push $75

Glutathione is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the body. Boost your immunity and reduce recovery time with this quick and affordable boost.

Energizer $150

Enjoy the benefits of a high-potency Meyer's Cocktail designed to boost energy levels at the cellular level. Vitamin C, B vitamins, and minerals replenish energy stores and support energy creation.

Immune Builder $185

High-potency Vitamin C, vitamins and minerals optimize your immune function so you can resist cold and flu season! Includes a glutathione push

Recovery $150

Recover faster from your sport(s) and reduce down time so you can get back out there! (Includes a glutathione push).

Cold Buster $95

Fighting a cold that is draggin on and on? This short, 20 minute IV infusion is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are researched to shorten the duration and intensity of the common cold. Includes a glutathione push.

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All IV Infusion patients receive a fresh-pressed juice from Toniq Juice Bar!

Group Bookings

Make the most of your wellness getaway!

Are you in town for a wellness, yoga, or corporate retreat? Climbing, riding, running or racing event? Wedding, bachelor or bachelorette party? Take this trip to the next level and  book in for a group IV Infusion session. 

Everything is customizable, from IV ingredients, to number of participants, to time of day. Email Dr. Dawne to discuss the possibilities and create a wellness vacation to brag about...


IV Vitamin Therapy Boosters - Added to your IV Drip

B12 Booster $20

Add Methyl B-12 to your IV to improve energy, mental acuity, and reduce the symptoms of anxiety

Glutathione Push $30

Substantially increase immunity and reduce recovery time by adding this potent antioxidant at the end of your IV Infusion.

What if I'm not a patient of Dr. Dawne?

No problem! New patients who are only interested  in IV Vitamin Therapy pay a one-time $45 intake fee (covered by benefits plans) on their first IV visit only. Follow up visits have no additional charge.

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