Same day appointments are available for naturopathy, acupuncture, and massage!


Dr. Dawne can direct bill to many extended health benefits companies.

Naturopathic Medicine available with Dr. Dawne

Lab tests are not covered by Alberta Health. Costs vary

About Dr. Dawne

I am passionate about helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary health! I am inspired by those who are trying to help themselves and I want to propel those efforts forward by providing residents of the Bow Valley with naturopathic medicine in Canmore. 

My goal is to help you life a life you love. In order to provide the most comprehensive care possible, I am one of only two doctors certified to provide prolotherapy injections in Canmore. Prolotherapy stimulates the body's natural healing cascade, helping your body to (finally!) heal itself from both acute and chronic injuries. Living in one of Canada's most active communities, it is important to support your wellness; mind and body!

Patients can expect me to use a combination of physical exams, lab testing and a detailed medical history. With that information and using a functional medicine approach, I help people get to the root cause of their health issues.