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Elizabeth Williams RMT CST


Elizabeth has been serving the Bow Valley for over 12 years, helping people overcome injury and pain, and helping them to manage chronic conditions.

Elizabeth believes that by design our bodies are self healing; sometimes it  needs a helping hand, or two, to return to optimal health. 

In addition to massage therapy for acupuncture soft tissue injury treatments and post surgical rehab work, she is a certified CranioSacaral Therapist. Her clients have ranged from new borns in hospital to elite athletes and everyone in between.

She is trained in sport massage, pre and post natal work, myofascial release techniques, trigger point and deep tissue, PNF, and lymphatic drainage. She is passionate about helping people and continues to pursue advanced education to better serve her clients. 

Dr. Melanie Leclerc - Chiropractor


Dr. Melanie has been serving the Bow Valley at Cafe of Life Chiropractic for more than a decade. She believes that dysfunction or negative symptoms in the body is its way of asking you help it heal - a call to action to achieve wholeness, and therefore wellness.

The state of the nervous system literally controls our connection between the mental, physical and spiritual levels. When the nervous system works optimally and the spine is aligned, we experience true health on all levels.   

Helping you to reach your maximum potential for balanced health is Dr. Melanie's passion! 

Barb Dobson R. Psych


“We are all meant to shine…”
~ Marianne Williamson

At the heart of Barb’s approach to counselling are two long-held beliefs:  that we are, indeed, all meant to shine, and that the quality of the therapeutic relationship is key.

Barb has over 15 years of experience as a Registered Psychologist, crisis response consultant and meditation teacher. She offers a holistic, strength-based approach to the psychological treatment of stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, life transitions, grief and loss.  

Barb draws upon a wide variety of psychotherapeutic methods, including: Cognitive-Behavioral, Interpersonal, Existential, Transpersonal and Relaxation Training to support clients in their psychological, emotional and spiritual transformation.

Heather Fellows. RMT

Heather has truly embraced the meaning of Koru with the work she does within her practice. Once the body has harmony and balance through one or all of the following modalities – Massage, NKT and Pilates – it becomes stronger, giving it new life and peace from injury. This allows the quality of your life to grow as you become more active. Move stronger. Play longer.

Heather has 25 years of massage experience and has been a NKT practitioner for 3 years. She has embraced the meaning of Koru and opened a studio in, Canmore, AB that offers Neurokinetic Therapy, Massage Therapy, Pilates and Personal Training helping you to move stronger in order to play longer.

She has worked throughout her 25 years in Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Fitness facilities treating everything from MVA’s to repetitive use injuries and the weekend warrior to Olympic athletes. Along with her massage experience, she has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years with a passion for teaching TRX and Pilates (Stott trained). Heathers latest skill is NKT Level 2 certified and Level 3 completed making her a triple threat in the industry. She takes pride in her practice and has extreme passion and drive to help her clients achieve their goals of healing and fitness.

Heather looks forward to helping you overcome and prevent chronic pain and injury at Koru.

Erica Ford - Provisional Psychologist


I am 30 years old and moved to Alberta 4 years ago with my helicopter pilot husband. We fell in love with the mountains and active lifestyles and never looked back.  I’ve always had a passion for helping others and having the opportunity to work as a psychologist in Canmore was something I could only dream of.

I want to help people become the best versions of themselves while living in the Rocky Mountain of Alberta!

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Tara Popplewell - Body Sugaring


I've always been drawn to customer service as a profession,  in both the food and beauty industries. Personally suffering from dietary restrictions, I try to stay away from products and processes that aren't completely natural. Finding Body Sugaring has made a significant difference in my life! I love to empower women to feel strong and confident. I am excited to welcome you and accompany you on your journey in Canmore.

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Kathy Bugo (RN, Bowen Therapist)


Bowen is a gentle, hands-on therapy that works with the body's fascia to reduce or relieve pain.

As a practising RN for the last 30 years and being a community case manager for the last 17 years, I have noticed that there are those in the community who sometimes require more attention than the public system can provide. My wish is to support those in the community with their health issues before they become a crisis
and to do this I offer the following services:

Assessment of your health needs in context of your individual life situation with the promotion and adaptation of healthy life choices.

Education about disease prevention through promoting adaptation of healthy life choices.

Provide anxiety reduction, energy management, systems balancing, and sleep enhancement using Bowen Therapy.

Danielle Leigh - Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, Shamanic Healer


I utilize a blend of Energy Work, Sound Healing, Intuitive Consulting, and gentle Somatic movement practices to assist you in moving forward on your journey to optimal health for the mind, body, spirit and soul. 

Each session is unique. We begin with a consultation and a diagnosis of the health of your energetic system, then I will use any combination of Reiki, Acupressure, Sound Healing (with various tools, including quartz crystal singing bowls), Breath Work, and Crystal Energy Healing (laying-on-of-stones, crystal grids, massage).

Danielle Leigh is a certified Yoga, Dance & Pilates Instructor, Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Sound Healing Practitioner and Shamanic Healing Practitioner. She has been teaching and practicing movement and energy medicine for more than 20 years. Raised in a Metis family, she has been trained in the ways of traditional energy healing since she was a child. She continues to learn with her beloved teachers in the Peruvian Shamanic Tradition, Embodied Shamanism, Dream Work, Subtle Activism and Sacred Activism.

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Meet Joissy (Joy-See)! Joissy founded in May 2019 and has been practicing Teeth whitening, Eyelash Lifts and Henna Brows since 2018. She is incredibly passionate about the beauty industry, empowering women to become their own boss and supporting small and local businesses. She is certified as a Teeth Whitening Technician with Beautiful Bright Smile and double certified with Dreamlash Academy and The Perfect Feather for Eyelash Lifts and Henna Brows. Joissy also offers Threading, Sugaring and Microneedling! Joissy is originally from Montreal, QC she moved to Canmore, AB in 2016. She has a contagious laugh and a hippy heart. Joissy is thrilled to be working in her community! She looks forward to meeting you soon! 

Book your appointment on her business Facebook page or Instagram! 

Zuraida Dada R. Psych


My passion and key strength is working collaboratively with you as I follow a client centered approach. My philosophy is that you are the expert on yourself, and that you deserve to live a full, productive and meaningful life. Your comfort and safety are paramount in achieving the results that you want and my focus is on creating a warm, empathetic, caring and safe environment for our sessions. I have extensive experience in treating a diverse range of clients on a variety of issues such as anxiety, phobia, stress, depression, trauma and life transition. I also have significant experience as a couples and family therapist specializing in relationship and parenting issues. I’m looking forward to helping you achieve your full potential in life! 

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Dr. Joe Ripperger, MD (Psychiatrist)


Dr. Joseph Ripperger has practiced Psychiatric medicine since 1993 and is in private practice in Norman, Oklahoma and Canmore, Alberta. His special clinical interest in mood disorders. 

He is the recipient of the 1994 and 2000National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) - Oklahoma Professional Award. The Consumer Research Council of America named him as one of America’s Top Psychiatrists 2003-2010. He is a volunteer Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine and Vanderbilt University and has lectured widely on psychiatric disorders. 

To see Dr. Ripperber, please contact your family doctor for a referral. Dr. Ripperger does not accept walk-in patients.

Suzanne Wilson RMT


Suzanne brings a wealth of experience to her clients. She began her career as a physiotherapist in England, where she was part of an exclusive team at an Airforce hospital. After moving to Canada more than a decade ago, she has focused on providing excellent care to her clients with massage therapy. You will benefit from Suzanne's unique blend of training in physiotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and massage therapy. In Canmore she is excited to welcome massage clients, using all of her many skills to send them home feeling better. 

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Salima Virk - Medical Aesthetician

I  love making a difference in my clients' lives. I love meeting new people and connecting, but the most rewarding part of my work is it doesn't feel like work!

I started my clinic Oasis Laser in Calgary in 2001 and it's been the best decision of my life! The city has been so good to me! I love the mountains and spend a great deal of my time here. That has led me to the decision to bring my skills and services to Canmore. 

I offer:


Oxygeneo Facials

Tripolar Skin Tightening Therapy

...and more! 

Margaret Claveau - Certified Counsellor


Margaret is a long-time resident of the Bow Valley. In her first career, she taught French immersion in Montreal and Canmore. Now, she has taken early retirement to follow her other passion and completed a Master’s Degree of Psychotherapy and Spirituality, with a practice focus upon helping people manage grief and loss. 

Grief and loss are inevitable in life. Margaret will help you learn to live with grief in a healthful manner. She provides techniques to deal with anxiety, cope with the pain, and to find ways to mourn.

Margaret companions her clients through the grieving process. Together with her clients, they define the type of loss, determine the factors that make the loss unique, assess coping strategies and list available resources. Then they explore the physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual responses to the loss.

Counselling is soul work. Counselling as soul work enables clients to return to and/or redefine their core beliefs. Core beliefs, aligned with a person’s true self, contribute to a life lived with meaning and purpose.

Call to book an appointment:

 (403) 678-1927

(Counselling is available in English or French)