Thrive Health and Wellness Festival Oct. 25 - 28

Dr. Dawne Engele, Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic Doctor in Canmore

Dr. Dawne is a naturopathic doctor who is passionate about helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary health. She offering discounted rates on IV Vitamin Therapy and B12 Injections for Thrive participants. Scroll down to book!

Dr. Melanie Leclerc, Chiropractor

Chiropractor for kids

“Kids and Chiros: how chiropractic care helps your kids feel better, learn better, and sleep better”

Dr. Melanie has a special focus on kids and families. Come and find out how she can help your family thrive!

Friday Oct. 26 @ 10:00 at Elevation Place

Barb Dobson, Registered Psychologist

Barb Dobson, Psychologist

"Exploring the mind-body connection: 3 calming tools to start your day off strong"

Barb is a registered psychologist who treats teens and adults. She will deliver techniques that are immediately actionable to make your life better.

Friday Oct. 26 @ 9:15 at Elevation Place

Elizabeth Williams, RMT, CST

Elizabeth Williams, massage therapist in Canmore

"How Visceral Manipulation can significantly reduce your digestive issues"

Elizabeth has been serving the Bow Valley for over 14 years. You will benefit from her wealth of experience in hands-on therapies. Learn how to reduce digestive distress with visceral manipulation.

Friday Oct. 26 @ 3:00 at Elevation Place 

Jared Skirrow - Holistic Nutritionist

Jared Skirrow, holistic nutritionist

“How to Improve Men’s Mental Health Through Food and Nutrition”

Jared is a holistic nutritionist who is truly passionate about food. As a classically trained chef, he has a unique approach to nutrition and has a special focus on its affect on men's mental health. 

Friday Oct. 26 @ 3:15 at Elevation Place

Nicky Scott, Reiki Master and Access Consciousness Teacher

Nicky Scott, Reiki Master

“Stress arrest: how Reiki and Access Consciousness can stop anxiety from controlling your life”

Nicky is a Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher. She is also an Access Consciousness practitioner and teacher. Find out how these gentle but powerful therapies can change your life today!

Friday Oct. 26 @ 3:30 at Elevation Place

Heather Thomas, RMT, CST

Heather Thomas, Cranio Sacral

“Vitality and Longevity: maintaining your active lifestyle through any age”

Heather is a Cranio Sacral therapist who uses a combination of somatic and energetic therapies to help her clients achieve amazing results. Find out how her gentle therapies will improve your life.

Friday Oct. 26 @ 9:30 at Elevation Place

Tera Jones, RN

“Keeping kids healthy through cold & flu season: natural immune boosting through diet and make-at-home tonics”

Tera is a Registered Nurse trained in Functional Medicine. She will give you  tips you can use immediately to keep your kids health through cold and flu season.

Friday Oct. 26 @ 9:45 at Elevation Place

Danielle Leigh, Shamanic Healer

Danielle Leigh, Shamanic Coach

Shamanism could be a powerful tool to help you access the true meaning of your life's journey. Danielle can help you to discover more meaning and direction in your life. Come to the Nordic Centre on Saturday and discover her clear, powerful energy.

Deals for Thrive Wellness Festival Participants!

IV Vitamin Therapy with Dr. Dawne

Enjoy our cozy, comforting space and receive a Vitamin IV Infusion with a B12 Add-On for $99! This is a savings of over $60!

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B12 Injections

Receive an energy-boosting B12 Injection from Dr. Dawne for $10! Simply book in during the "B12 Happy Hour" on 

Friday 12 - 1

Saturday 10 - 2 

at the Canmore Health and Wellness Centre 

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Infrared Sauna Session

Infrared Sauna

Thrive participants can enjoy a FREE 30 Minute Infrared Sauna Session at the Canmore Health and Wellness Centre. Book in at your convenience on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. 

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Glutathione Push

Thrive participants enjoy premium pricing on this powerful antioxidant therapy. Glutathione can boost your body's ability to detox, your immune system, and improve your resistance to colds and flus this season! 


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Free Reiki or Access Consciousness Session

Reiki Master Nicky Scott

Nicky Scott is a Reiki Master and Access Consciousness Practitioner. Curious about how these powerful therapies can help you? Book your free 15 minute session during the Thrive Health & Wellness Festival and find out!

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Free 15 Minute Nutrition Consult

Mountain Man Nutrition

Have you been considering seeing a holistic nutritionist but keep putting it off? Now is the perfect time to take care of YOU! Enjoy a free 15 minutes consult with Jared of Mountain Man Nutrition and discover what a difference nutrition can make to your mental health!

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Free Pediatric Consult

Functional Medicine Coach Tera Jones

Tera Jones knows how complicated it is to parent today. Book a free 15 minute consult with her and learn how functional medicine and a few lifestyle changes can dramatically improve your child's health and well-being.

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Free Cranio Sacral Consult with Heather Thomas

Heather Thomas, Cranio Sacral Therapist

Cranio Sacral therapy changes lives. Find out how Heather can help you lead a happier, healthier life! Book a free 15 minutes consult with her on Friday, October 26

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Free Shamanic Consult with Danielle

Danielle Leigh Shaman

Danielle Leigh has been teaching and practicing movement and energy medicine for more than 20 years. Discover the power of Shamanism with Danielle. She is offering free 15 Minute consults where you will learn how she can help you on your Shamanic journey.

To book, email