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Infrared Sauna Sessions

Reap the cardiovascular and detoxification benefits of our Far Infrared Sauna. Our private sauna room includes a shower stocked with Rocky Mountain Soap products. Enjoy the benefits of a sauna without struggling to breathe - the infrared sauna warms you from the inside, leaving the air you breathe a moderate temperature, eliminating the sensation of claustrophobia some people experience with overheated dry or steam saunas.

One Private Sauna Session. $25

 (approximately 1 hour)

Love to sauna? Book in for a weekly session to detox, burn calories, and relax!

5 Session Package $100 

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Dr. Dawne is passionate about helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary health. She is committed to helping residents of the Bow Valley and beyond to live the life they love. 

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Our Holistic Healthcare Practitioners

We are your one-stop-shop for health and wellness. Our practitioners provide exemplary care to help you achieve your wellness goals. We offer: acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Massage, Craniosacral, Visceral Manipulation, Bowen, Psychiatry, Psychology, Reiki, Access Consciousness, Lash Extensions, Teeth Whitening, Microneedling, and more!

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Are you looking for a beautiful space to practice? We have treatment rooms available on a full-time, part-time, daily, and hourly basis. Enjoy the simplicity of walking into a turnkey, purpose-built wellness clinic and doing what you do best...taking care of people!

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It’s Time for a Change!

Spring Cleanse Package: IV Vitamin Infusion + Sauna Detox Session + 1 Week Cleanse & Diet Plan


Experience the difference IV Therapy can make. Vitamins are infused directly into your veins, replenishing vitamin stores and helping your liver detox. Finish with an Infrared Sauna Session, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated. Dr. Dawne will send you home with a one-week spring detox diet plan (including grocery list and recipes) and a gentle cleanse to help your body process out toxins and start the summer right.


Lymphatic Massage with Elizabeth Williams RMT CST


Help your body eliminate toxins by optimizing lymphatic drainage. 


Access Consciousness Session with Reiki Master Nicky Scott


Make a lasting change by shifting the way you interact with the world...for good. Book your session with Nicky and finally create healthy patterns that you can maintain. By stimulating 32 points on the head a subtle pressure technique is used to discharge energy around your brain that may have built up with repetitive negative thoughts.  The result is a “defrag” of your brain leading to peace and calm 



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